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The city of Dubai is unlike any other on the earth. The United Arab Emirates’ main metropolis, with its bold architecture and outlandish flair, is a remarkable mix of its Bedouin roots with an ultra-modern society of its own. Dubai will not only live up to its reputation; it will far exceed your expectations. Explore the city’s glamor and splendor before delving into its ancient traditions.

However, Dubai was not always the worldwide city that it is today. Dubai was a modest fishing hamlet created in the 18th century by nomadic tribes before becoming the most costly metropolis in the Middle East. Its proximity to Iran made it a trading hub for most of the 18th and 19th centuries, leading to its emergence as a regional power. The discovery of oil, on the other hand, pushed the city to economic superstardom. This sudden riches in the 1960s fueled Dubai’s expansion and made Dubai vacation packages popular among tourists worldwide. From a modest town of a thousand Bedouin nomads, the city has expanded to become a busy metropolis with approximately three million citizens.